Tools of the Oligarchs


Obama was elected with Jewish money and the black and youth vote. So how has the turned out for these tools of the oligarchs?

I would say the answer is: Not well.

Let’s examine:

  • Jewish voters: I am not sure that liberal Jews really care about Israel. But lets pretend they do. In which case, they are seeing Israel get snubbed (pretty much like all our other allies, so no anti-semitism there!) in Obama’s desperate pursuit of a deal with Iran. Dude is like Catholic school girl after a shot of Jaeger desperate. But its not like any other part of his incomprehensible Mid-East policy makes sense. So roll with it.
  • Black voters: Wow is this group getting hosed over. More inflexible labor laws preventing job creation. The Affordable Care Act closing the door to a middle class lifestyle, in case a poor person manages to get a job and move up the economic ladder. And now amnesty flooding the market with low-educated workers willing to work at any wage (as well as further swamp an over-extended social welfare system). So no jobs and less benefits seems to be what Obama offers his black supporters. (Note to Latinos: this is the same deal you are being offered.)
  • The Youth Vote: So what has “Hope and Change” brought all those 20-somethings? Why a trip to their parent’s basement and burdensome student loan debt. Much of our fiscal, regulatory and monetary policy is just moving future income of our country to present (read:older) generations. And the young people who so overwhelmingly supported Obama find themselves with expensive, useless credentials. Bad deal, dudes.

Good news, though. The Antarctic ice coverage really is growing. Of course, that has been going on for decades. You won’t hear that in the news media. Because they all full on board with “hide the decline”.


Paths to Prosperity


True confessions time. I acquired the bad habit of browsing Real Clear Markets with my morning coffee. Call it a self-indulgent habit.

While at RCM this morning, I decided to follow the Krugman link. You know, the one where he chastises Europe for the fiscal responsibility. And touts all of Obama’s achievements. What? … you tell me that is all of his columns.

That being the case, please allow this to be my canned response to Krugman:

  • You are as much an expert on macro economics, monetary policy, finance, and business operations as I am. As in: not at all.
  • I think you forgot what happened in Europe from 2006 – 2011 in comparison to the United States.
  • You totally forgot that Japan executed a bigger and badder stimulus and QE than the US, and for longer. How is that going?
  • Do you actually believe that government debt creates wealth? That’s what you seem to be saying.
  • Do you not even care that the policies you support shut the door on the lower classes climbing into the middle class, or the middle class climbing into Krugman class (upper-middle)? And do you confuse the occasions invites to the party from the super-rich with actual acceptance?
  • What is going on with your beard? Seriously. It’s like wanna be Brooklyn poser meets palsied professor. (I know I just made it personal. But people read this crap around the world. And I hate to think your mug is what they think of when they think of America.)
  • Please stop confusing large cap share prices and big company earnings with economic prosperity. There is often correlation. But not in this case.

And now I can give up Krugman for good. And stick to spilling my coffee for the junk in Slate.

I Choose to Live on My Feet


Our brave media is not very willing to stand up to theocracy. I suspect because they do not really believe in free speech.

Charlie Hebdo Mohammed Cartoon Insulting IslamLuckily, The BoardCast is willing to mock the mockable. Equally lucky, The BoardCast lives in a land where we can be well armed.


The Little Things


I’ve been spending a lot of time just appreciating what I have, taking joy in the moment, and making the most of the little things.

This does not mean I have tossed my ambitions to the wind.

But my ambitions are not acquiring things to impress my neighbors. My ambitions are about testing and improving myself. And getting the most I can out of my time with family, friends and loved ones.

Merry Christmas.

New Year’s Resolutions – 2015


It’s never too early (or late) to focus the mind on self-improvement. So with the end of another year approaching, I am sharpening my pencils and getting down to brass tacks. That is right: Resolutions for 2015!

  1. More deadlifts, squats, presses, and sprints.
  2. Less excuse making.
  3. More protein and healthy fats.
  4. Less Carbs.
  5. More clarity, and Oxford commas. (This was not one. But item 1 has it.)
  6. More thinking.
  7. Less time reacting to the news cycle. (It is all made up anyway.)
  8. More patience.
  9. Less time losing my cool over the thought of Jeb v. Hillary in 2016.
  10.  Start a brand new hashtag on Twitter, and then see it in the trending topics.
  11. More time and good conversation with friends and family.

A solid ten of these seem doable. Truthfully, I am looking at 20+ years with “more patience” on my list. And, yet, patience seems to escape me. So I hid it at #8, but it will be my focus. (Maybe I should try transcendental meditation.)

I hope y’all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015!

Driverless Cars


Now the the tech for driverless cars is here, isn’t the next logical step for all cars to be part of the internet of things? Who doesn’t want a central dispatch dictating our routes? Or hackers directing us off a cliff?


It’s Okay When They Do It


Noted Big Government proponent Elizabeth Warren has decided that shutting down the government is not anarchy when she does it. My guess, however, is that she is more concerned about campaign finance rules changes that will freeze her out in 2016 than any actual principled stand.

Mean People Suck


According the Paul Graham, mean people are not as good at start-ups as nice people. Of course, he never really defines mean versus nice. I guess that is truly subjective. He might think I am mean because I favor individualism over collectivism.

How about this: driven people do better at business than lazy people. After all, the folks at Uber seem driven. But not always nice.

I’ve Done Worse


Last year, my wife got a washer/dryer for Christmas. I sorta think she appreciated it. At least compared to the long history of gift cards that make up most of my gift giving ideas.

Thanks the my friends at gypht, I am upping my game this year.

The Real Ray Rice Scandal


It is a shame that so many people think the Ray Rice scandal is about punishing the NFL. The real scandal is the slap on the wrist he received from a complicit DA and judge. I am still not sure why Rice’s employer has a greater burden of investigation and requirement to punish than the system we set up to do that exact job.

The fact that the legal system is failing us is what needs to be examined.



There are now THREE Goodwill’s located within 3 miles of my house. Two within 1/2 mile of each other. That must mean the Detroit-ification of America is proceeding as planned.

On the other hand, if you are locating to donate clothes or make a charitable contribution this winter, I encourage you to consider doing so at Goodwill.